Virtual Cacao Circle

A safe place to connect, heal, and inward for inner peace, harmony, trust, love, and truth.

Ceremonial cacao circle is a lucid dreamlike experience that connects and heals mind-body-spirit at a deep soul level. Gathering virtually and drinking cacao together will allow us to create a safe and sacred cacao cocoon for releasing, healing, and transformation as we receive the wisdom and medicine of Mama Cacao and collectively lift our spirits.

After we drink the cacao, which is pure, ceremonial cacao from Guatemala, hand selected for its high energetic vibration and blessed with pure loving intention, you will deepen into the experience through a guided meditation that supports inner connection, and allows you to fully relax and journey with the sacred music that follows.

Please note: During the virtual cacao circle, we will be listening to a special music playlist created by Peiying for this event. We recommend wearing a headset for Zoom for optimal audio quality

This gentle healing journey may assist you to

- Embody a sense of unconditional love

- Creative inspiration

- Release emotional blocks and opening to trust

- Reconnect to soul guidance and heart wisdom

- Heal inner wounds

- Enjoy a more joyful life aligned with your highest self.

The circle is 60 mins session that includes optional sharing with the group which deepens inner connection and creates a sense of relationship and community.

Preparation for the circle: It's best to fast for 2-3 hours before to allow the greatest connection and optimal experience with mama Cacao. Avoid dairy products and caffeine for the day. Hydrating with water, before, during, and after circle, and drinking electrolytes (coconut water is a good source) is advised. Cacao is a mild diuretic and detoxifier.


What we’ll be drinking: Since this is a virtual ceremony, we will send you via email (after you have registered) a delicious ceremonial cacao elixir recipe, which you can make at home. A video will be provided to show you how to make your drink at home while honoring the Mama Cacao to retains all its active compounds.

How to order your cacao: You will need to purchase your cacao separately from Cacao Singapore. Please note: It takes about 3 days to arrive when ordered online within Singapore.

Click HERE to order your cacao online.

Please text Peiying separately if you would like to order a smaller dosage of ceremonial cacao.

Your cacao is packaged as a 454g block, which makes 8-10 ceremonial servings or 16 daily use servings. It's a beautiful way to stay connected after circle. Drink it to replace your daily coffee if you like the connection with mama Cacao.

How to prepare for the circle: For your cacao circle, you will be making a cacao cocoon, a safe place in your home where you can lie on the floor and prepare a blanket and pillow. Comfortable loose clothing, a cup of water, an eye pillow, a headset, and a journal and pen are also recommended. If you feel inspired, create a small personal sacred space for yourself that will deepen and enrich your personal relationship with cacao or have a crystal or other sacred objects that are meaningful for you.

Intention for the circle: Take a moment to allow the intention to emerge from deep within you. Intentions may take form in images, words, or phrases. Powerful intentions ask for guidance and inner healing that align with our higher self: it could be inner peace and healing; creative inspiration, Opening to trust in life or relationship; deeper connection with your self or simply just ask Mama Cacao to bring you what you need the most during this time.

Medication contraindicators: Cacao is not recommended for people who are taking heart medicine or high dosage anti-depressants as it contains Tryptophan, Tyramine, MAO inhibitors, and Theobromine that can interfere with those medications. Cacao is also a detoxifier, so if your liver function is compromised and you have high levels of toxins in your system, please consult your doctor before drinking cacao. If you are taking one of the above medications, please contact Peiying to discuss how she may support you. You are always welcome to join with a smaller serving of cacao or even without cacao as the circle is nourishing all on its own.

Access for the Virtual Cacao: You will be joining the session online in our Radiant Heart Healing Collective Facebook Group.

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Schedule of Virtual Cacao Circle 2022
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