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''I felt a deep connection with my higher self and I feel nothing can harm me and I am safe under Peiying's guidance. Peiying  brings me to a higher state without this resistance and it is amazing. It's so unique that I definitely i would love to experience it over and over again. Thank you so much, peiying.

- Gabriela Nevolnicu-

Working with Pei Ying and Mother Cacao felt like I was coming home to my roots. I travelled to another dimension and felt that the guidance I needed never left. It was me who wanted to control as I was holding onto things from the past and looking for my next step while all I had to do was to stand still and listen to my heart. I felt calmer, and more connected with the universal flow in making my dreams come true.

- Kelsey-

"I love the positive vibes!"

I like the safe space and positive vibes in a cacao ceremony. Especially after drinking the cacao, i feel very refreshed and recharged when listening to the sound healing session. Highly recommended for anyone who's new into spiritual journey as the warm cacao feels like a mother's embrace.

- Tan Hung Wei

"Relaxing experience!"

Cacao Ceremony makes me able to connect to my heart and inner self further and let go of the negative emotions. It also allows me to express easier. My mind feels more opened up, really relaxing, and able to discover myself more deeply. 

- Iris

"Discovered and reconnected with parts of myself!"

I have never feel this way before. My body is so relaxed, and I am just feeling so happy throughout the whole ceremony. I feel like I am connected to the parts of me that I do not know before. I am relaxed.

- Hoong

Our client's experience

"I felt safe to speak my truth - struggling with many commitments, on top of being pregnant, I didn't know what to do. Peiying helped me with my guilt and I feel better about enjoying life and moving forward in my business and life."

- Lucy Jane

"I've gotten some of the best experience from peiying, literally life changing. You have to give it a try!"

- Jordan

"Before I discovered the Radiant Heart Healing Immersion, I was trapped in a life that felt uninspiring and devoid of purpose, despite its apparent success. It was as if I was living on autopilot, feeling a constant, unexplainable emptiness.
But then, I embarked on this remarkable journey with Peiying, and everything changed. During the program, her guidance and support were like a lifeline. Her wisdom and soothing meditation audio guides touched my soul in ways I can't put into words.

After completing the program, I realized that the answers I'd been seeking were within me all along. My relationship with myself deepened, and I felt a profound connection to my own spirituality.
Peiying isn't just a coach; she's a beacon of light and warmth. Her open-hearted approach made every session feel like a safe haven for my soul to blossom.
My favorite moments were the heartfelt rituals, the soul-stirring ceremonies, and the profound wisdom Peiying shared.
Peiying's presence is like a comforting embrace, radiating calm and tranquillity.
To anyone contemplating this journey, I implore you: take that step. It transformed my life, and it can do the same for you.
With heartfelt gratitude,

The program was an eye-opener for me. I discovered many new possibilities in me. Also, I was able to see things from a different perspective. It was a fantastic experience for me.I stayed in a constant state of happiness and gratitude throughout. Now, I've got this clear-headed view on things, a positive mindset, and I'm always looking at stuff from different angles. I'm genuinely happier now.

- Jasmine-

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for a truly memorable moment. I unlocked my throat chakra, and it was like rediscovering my inner child, expressing myself with boundless freedom. My heart filled with thankfulness, and tears of joy flowed during this incredible journey. I now feel an abundance that overflows within me, a testament to the power of our creative potential. I am genuinely blessed and profoundly grateful for this experience."


" I discovered more about myself. I learned a lot about myself and not holding on things that do not serve me anymore. I love this memorable life - experience.''

- S.Khim

"If you have been doing this by yourself, you don't know what you're missing. Peiying will impress you."

- Kerstin

Lynn Davis

Working with Peiying was a transformative experience. I was burdened by pressure and a need to prove myself to my family and myself. Through her guidance, I uncovered the source of this pressure and found unexpected clarity.

Peiying's support led me to realize that I had been seeking love and support in the wrong places; my young son provided the support I needed. This realization relieved the pressure I felt.

Since our work together, my confidence in life and business decisions has grown, and my intuition has become significantly sharper. The most significant revelation was that the answers I sought externally were within me and in my connection with the universe.

Peiying's nurturing guidance and her ability to create a space for deep self-reflection made this journey invaluable. Her energy radiates love and brightness.

If you're facing uncertainty, unclear intuition, or daunting decisions in any aspect of life, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Peiying. She brings clarity, helps you tap into your heart, and uncovers unexpected support.

In retrospect, my worries were surface-level, and I now believe in my vision, finding more support than I ever expected, all because I was looking in the wrong place. It's a true blessing to realize this.

Carissa Ballard

I absolutely loved working with Pei Ying and had a beautiful shift after just one session ! Her approach is just amazing and you will shift stuck energy, stuck beliefs, and truly transmute and transform. I am greatly appreciative of the energy and love Pei Ying's brings to her sessions and her thoughtful follow ups. I highly recommend working with Pei Ying!

- Energy Medicine Master -

Wall Of Love

Isu Tan

Mei Ying


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