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24.1.2024 8pm

Change your nervous system, change your life @ somatic release.

Somatic breath work is a therapeutic modality dedicated to illuminating the profound influence of our breath on our emotions and our emotions on our breath.

It’s a mind-body practice emphasizing the connection between our physical sensations and emotional and mental states.

Somatic breath work combines intentional breathing techniques with the understanding that our emotions, memories, thoughts, and physical sensations are all interconnected.

The term “somatic” originates from the Greek word “soma,” which translates to “body.”

Therefore, “somatic” essentially means “of the body” or “pertaining to the body

Come and learn about somatic awareness, stress regulation, & take home some emotional release techniques to begin using on yourself.

“Healing happens in the presence of an empathetic witness”

- Bessel van der Kolk -

Even when you forget things in your mind, your body remembers everything.

Your nervous system keeps your life's story in a unique way, like a hidden treasure holding all the secrets of your past at the core of who you are.

Venue: 7500 A Beach Road, The Plaza #10-324, Singapore 199591

Join our FREE Online Somatic Breath-work
24.1.2024 8pm
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