You are not your emotion!
3 things you might not know about your emotions and 3 tips to handle the emotional roller coasters.

1. You are not your emotion!
Emotion is energy in motion. It comes, and it goes. It is crucial to acknowledge our emotions and observe our feelings, but at the same time, to understand we are not our emotions! Feeling emotional can put us in a very vulnerable state.

2. There is no good or bad emotion!
Emotional energy is neutral. Emotions are neither "good nor bad"; it's just there. It is us that label our emotions as good or bad. We all experience these feelings. Many of us try to deny our negative emotions like anger, fear, sadness, shame, guilt, and we try to push them away. However, Not acknowledging our feelings will make the feeling stronger, and sometimes it is just trapped in our system. Repeated suppression of emotions is going to trigger physical symptoms like pain. It will start to manifest in our body if it stays in our body long enough. Anger affects the liver. Grief affects our lungs. Worry affects our stomach. Stress affects our brain and heart. Fear affects our kidneys.

3. It is not possible to feel positive 24/7
Are you feeling numb and disconnected from yourself and your surroundings? Or you're constantly fatigued and low in energy and feel like you’re living life simply to pass the time?
People feel sadness, anger, joy all the time. It is impossible to have someone to stay positive and happy for 24 hours. The only difference if you see someone who is always positive is that they recognize their emotion. They sit through it, process it, and let it out from their system. Recognizing that emotions will pass and not last forever is important.

Here are 3 tips to separate you from your emotion. Remember: your emotion does not define you.

1. Recognising your emotions.
"I am feeling frustration" and "I am having the thought that I will fail" versus "I am angry" and "I will fail."
I feel angry that we’re all isolated and I can’t see my mum.
I feel sad that I am alone right now.
I feel afraid that this is not going to end well.

2. Paying attention to our thoughts.
It is essential that we are aware of our thoughts. Our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are connected. When we experience a specific thought, it can trigger an emotion and lead to a particular behavior.
For example, if I think it will be ok, I will feel calm and relaxed. However, if I think I am not good enough, it will trigger a lot of anxiety and sadness in me, which will affect my confidence and self-esteem.
So, do pay attention to your thoughts; it gives you more control over your emotion.
I am not good enough, Well. That well, we are human. There is no perfect human, and It is ideal to be imperfect!!! You are beautifully imperfect!

3. Bodywork like chiropractic care, massages, and sports, as well as journaling.

Write down how you feel and give yourself time to process those feelings. Find someone who is available to listen to you without judgment. Sometimes, you just need to let it out from your system!
One tip on your thoughts is that well, we are all human. There is no perfect human, and it is ideal to be imperfect! You are beautifully imperfect!

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