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Kind words

I’ve attended cacao and sound bath and enjoyed them tremendously each time. It was calming and uplifting to the spirit. Pei Ying is a great space holder who makes us feel comfortable and provides us with a safe space to relax, reflect on our own experiences, and think about how we could love ourselves more. I left each class not only feeling positive but learned more about myself each time and it help me to be the best of me.

- Joe

Peiying is one of the most gentle and purest souls I've come across. I attended her cacao and singing bowl classes and she made me feel so safe and supported. Her work helped me to release the tension I was experiencing and I left with the feeling of absolute bliss. She is great at using the singing bowls to guide you deeper into the experience of cacao. Her passion for her work shines through. She is committed to showing up as her highest self and this ensures beautiful energy in the space. I highly recommend her if you are interested in experiencing the magic of cacao and sound healing.-

- Munirah

I love every experience with peiying. It opens my heart & creates a new possibility with the stuff i am stopped or blocked. I felt super relaxed. I love how pei ying creates a loving & positive space to allow me to discover my higher spiritual self. I have been feeling a lot happier and peaceful in my life compare to before.


Before the session, I was feeling lost at times. I had some doubts over specific past life experiences, which had affected my characters unconsciously. I was timid, living my life in my comfort zone. Also, with low self-esteem, and I always thought that I was not good enough.

The program was an eye-opener for me. I discovered many new possibilities in me. Also, I was able to see things from a different perspective. It was a fantastic experience for me. I was always in a happy state and saw things with a grateful mind during this program. Now I can see things with a clearer mind, positively analyze things, and often think from a different point of view. I am happier now.

I feel closer to myself in the sense that I start to put myself as the priority in everything I do. I respect myself, and I love myself for who I am. I feel more aligned or balanced now with myself, my soul, and my spiritual connection.

The most significant a-ha moments for me were the experience where I realized during the program that I am braver than I thought. At the age of 12, I was never a bad kid, but I am someone who dares to be different and daring. This is the most significant a-ha moment for me.

Pei Ying is like a “Life Mentor” to me. She always gives me the sense of security, the trust, and the love I need to be myself in the whole process. I feel safe and love sharing my 100% in the cacao session, enabling me to gain the most. She is like a wise man who always makes me see the beauty in myself and gives me hints to have a better reflection of myself. I am always grateful to Pei Ying.

The essence of Cacao Singapore is pure love. Unconditional love brings us the key to happiness in our hearts.

I would strongly encourage you to join the cacao session with an open heart.

You will leave the session with lots of love and the key to happiness in your heart.

I would like to thank you, Mama Cacao, for all the love showered upon me.

I would also like to thank Pei Ying for all the love given to me and all you have done for me. Thank you!

-       Jasmine

Here is how I am different from other coaches. 

  • I am a coach, a guide, sacred deep space holder, mother, wife, facilitator for mama cacao, and nourishing life alchemist, and I understand deeply how you feel like a woman that needs to be a business owner and balancing it with family is hard, but you can have it all.
  • a solid framework to support your divine healing with ease and love.
  • knows how to hold sacred space for deep and lasting transformation.
  • Once women awaken the limitless energy of their soul and their inner goddess, women start to feel vibrant, lit up, and ready to shine in their light.

Nourishing Life Alchemist, Sensual Heart Activator, Deep Space Activator

Pei Ying

About your host: Pei Ying

Peiying is a certified cacao practitioner that inspires to share the magic of cacao with their communities.  She is a certified sound medicine practitioner that assists in creating awareness and awakening towards personal and collective growth in both consciousness and well-being through sound healing. She is a mother of 2 beautiful kids, a boy, and a girl. She has been running an established chiropractic business with her husband in Singapore for the past 10 years. It is a holistic healing center that guides her client using its innate ability to heal. She is a deep sacred space activist that allows her client to flow into a sacred state.

Pei Ying was a certified Image Consultant from Image Consultant International's world-leading and largest association, AICI. Pei Ying is trained professionally and accredited by the Academy of Image Mastery and London Image Institute, two of the Top Certified Image Master globally. She served as the Vice President of the Event for the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), Singapore Chapter in 2017 -2019 and Philanthropy chair 2017.

She is a certified NLP, Time Line Therapy, Certified Hypnotherapist; NLP is an innovative approach to understanding and appreciating the human experience, communication and behavior. NLP has helped many people achieve breakthroughs in their performance, relationships, education, coaching, business, therapy, and in themselves. She is specialized certified and NLP in Business (Woman Empowerment) BKi to empower women. She is a Certified ACSTH Coach International Coach Federation (ICF)  that meets the high standards set forth by ICF. She is also an (ACTA) The Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment certified trainer that provides learners with the essential skills and knowledge to deliver training and assessment across different industries.

She holds a Degree of Bachelors of Biology (Hons), and her invaluable experiences in the airline service industry and owning a holistic healthcare company is an excellent combination to allow her to see the best in others from the inside out.



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