Release and Allow

Start the Year 2023 by connecting deeper into your heart space!

Stepping into new changes and out of comfort zone?

Feeling anxious and doubtful on whether you have made the right decision?

Have a conversation with your inner wisdom and ask for guidance on life. Gaining clarity from within is how you can manifest it into your reality.

Everyone is intimidated from time to time by the challenges in our lives. If you like to tap into your inner strength and connect with the power within you, or if you’re having trouble overcoming your fears, you are welcome to use cacao as a heart-opening tool to help you to let go of the past experiences that limits you from moving forward in life to achieve your goals.


Minimum 4 pax to book a private session

This heart-opening experience includes:

  • Plant bath cleansing
  • Open Space
  • Intention setting
  • Serve Mama Cacao
  • Release ritual
  • Heart Awakening Sound Bath
  • Sharing Circle
  • Divine message
  • Close Space

  • Sound bath, Cacao will be used as the heart-opening tool for you to safely experience awakening, revelation, and inner healing.

Private Cacao ceremony / Sound bath

Book a Release and Allow sound bath energy clearing to gain clarity, happiness, peace, joy, and live an ALIGNED life with what awaken your heart the most in year 2023.

You may book the session here.

* You may book a private slot for yourself @ $360/ session

* Invite a group with a minimum 4 person to start a Private group session @ $88/pax

Pei Ying

About your host: Pei Ying

  • Sound Practitioner
  • Cacao Practitioner
  • Co-Founder of Light Chiropractic
  • Mother of 2 beautiful kids
  • Space holder

Pei Ying is passionate about helping people to connect with their inner strength and inner peace, which she believes is always within them. She uses cacao as a heart-opening tool to deepen the connection of her clients to reconnect with themselves.

What others are saying!

"Super relaxing, loving the positive atmosphere!"

I love every cacao sessions as every experience open my heart & create a new possibilty with the stuff i am stopped or blocked. I felt super relaxed. I love how peiying create the loving & positive space to allow me to discover my higher spiritual self. I have been sharing with my friends to try and experience themselves and my friends enjoyed it too!

- Mei Ying

"Feels like a mother's embrace"

I like the safe space and positive vibes in the cacao ceremony. Especially after drinking the cacao, I feel very refreshed and recharged while listening to the sound healing session. Highly recommend for anyone who's new into the cacao journey as the warm cacao feels like a mother's embrace.

- Hung Wei

"I left feeling lighter and happier!"

The cacao session gave me a safe space to turn inwards and relax, and it was an eye-opening experience that we can't just find anywhere. It felt like all my worries and stress floated away along with the tension in my body; and I left the session feeling lighter and happier. Peiying is passionate in what she does, and is also committed to bring the best for her clients. I definitely recommend trying out the cacao and sound bath sessions!

- Naomi

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