Honoring your body

Today, I would like to share a little on how your body is a temple, and the three ways to honor this beautiful human vessel. Without our human body, we are not able to experience anything in life. We would not be able to share any pain, happiness, and stress. All these experiences in life require your human vessel to feel them. So, how do we honor this temple in us? Here are some ways on how we can start!


 1. Emotional detox


Emotions means energy in motion – it is the experience of power moving through our bodies. At the end of every day, we must do an emotional detox. When the energy is stuck in our bodies, we will start to notice any symptoms. These include feeling pain or troubled, or simply something off about yourself. For instance, when you are constantly feeling angry, your liver will be affected, when you are feeling grieved, your lungs will take a toll, and when you are feeling stressed, your heart and brain will be affected. All this stagnant energy stays in the body, and hence we need a way out for them to be out from the body. By implementing an emotional detox before we sleep every day, we will feel the magical change in our bodies. If we practice it daily, we will notice a difference in our physical appearance to a younger and prettier you!


2. Drink plenty of water

Do you know that 70% of the contents in our body are made up of water? We need to drink enough water every day. I am sure many of you heard about this book – The Hidden Messages in Water. Renowned Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto emphasized that human consciousness could affect the structure in the water that you take in. So, before you drink water, be mindful and be intentional, such as “I am drinking good water.” It is essential to drink the water of good quality – since it will affect everything in your body.


3. Show gratitude to your body.

We often take our bodies for granted, as we are born with and given this human vessel, and most of us take everything about our bodies for granted. However, it is wise to appreciate and be thankful for the beautiful human container that keeps you radiant, young, and beautiful. One way we can show gratitude to our bodies is by incorporating sound baths into our life. These sacred instruments can help remove all the negative energies, or energies at lower frequencies in our body. It can help to attain a higher frequency to attain happiness, love, and harmony – in fact, on a higher frequency by nature. When your frequency matches emotions of higher frequencies, you are inviting them – like happiness, love, and harmony, into your life.


With that said, I will be conducting a free virtual private sound bath in my private Facebook group– where I will be creating a safe and sacred space for you to heal. Here, I would like to welcome you to join me in a group so that you can enjoy the sound bath together, removing those stagnant energies that are stuck in your body. Use this chance to release these negativities and just let yourself immerse in the higher frequencies of love, happiness, harmony, and joy!-10




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