You can drink Ceremonial Cacao at ceremonial dose when you would like to do deeper inner work or shadow work. Or you can drink it in daily dosages to experience feelings of joy, love, and connection.

Most people feel expansive and blissful energies, connected to our self, intuition, spirit, and others, the flow of creativity, inspiration, grounded, different emotions, the flow of stagnant energy, and some may feel well-rested from the cacao ceremony.

Benefits of drinking Ceremonial Cacao :

·       A heart-opening journey of oneness, love, and ecstasy

·       Healing therapy – releasing blocks, recognizing patterns, following your heart

·       Finding a connection to your highest self, your power, and truth

·       A space to enter meditation – being able to silence the mind, connect to the wisdom and spirit within you

·       A balance of masculine and feminine energies in the body

·       Enhanced creativity

Some people may feel an increase in their heart rate. Cacao has Theobromine- which relaxes the smooth muscle and dilates blood vessels. When we work with high doses of ceremonial cacao, greater blood flow (life force energy) moves through your body, nourishing all of your systems.

I feel very nourished whenever I drink this liquid gold. As though I am enveloped in the energy of love from the universe. I feel deeply connected with a beautiful moment. It puts me in a very blissful, comforting, and euphoric body state. It is not like coffee that will make one alert and jittery. It is a heart-opening experience that makes me fall in love with myself repeatedly. It is simply too fantastic, and you need to experience it yourself.

Cacao Singapore provides a safe and neutral place for your heart-opening experience with this pure form of chocolate. Cacao circle and Cacao Ceremony Singapore are places to be when you are feeling tired and drained.




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