Is this you?

You’ve spent years caring for others, and now you finally have some time and energy for yourself.  It’s time to give some of your love, energy, and focus to YOU and your desires.

You’re ready to nourish yourself and explore who you are now, beyond the roles of ‘wife, mother, worker.’ You desire to discover your potential, the gem that lies inside you. 

Now that you’re at this stage of the journey, what else can you explore in this life?


It is time for you to shine, have fun, and enjoy love with more ease, peace, harmony, trust, and beauty in your relationship with yourself and others.

On this journey, you will connect with the Goddess that resides within you. She has been waiting for you to awaken, to find the love, ease, and beauty inside that you might have long forgotten.

Through this experience, you will open to new possibilities, heal your heart and claim your joy.


I’m inviting you into a new way of living

The KEY to unlock your heart!


A sacred heart-healing journey to unleash the magic within

                                          RADIANT HEART IMMERSION

Heal your heart and claim radiant health, confidence, and personal power

How would it feel on the journey of a lifetime to

  • Open your heart to a divine, nourishing love that will heal your fears and have you feeling more than deserving and safe to give and receive love and abundance.
  • Relax into being here and just relax being who we are without feeling guilty for doing so.
  • Feel vibrant, lit-up, and in love with your body as you unlock her healing codes to shift old pain into deep peace and pleasure.
  • Calm the monkey mind chatter, which loves to live off stress and return home to the deep peace and stillness residing in your heart space— you’ll become “I am deeply serene. I am enough” in no time at all.
  • Awaken your inner Goddess who loves, adores, and embrace all aspects of you
  • Awaken your body love codes to feel love, vibrant, and beautiful inside out
  • Open your heart, clear your mind and say “yes” to a life you love. 
  • Live with conviction and have a clear plan on where you are going, saying ‘goodbye’ to doubt and confusion. 

The KEY to unlock your heart!


If you’re ready to step in the power and connect with your goddess divine and unlock your special essence. 

This program is for you. It is time to rise.

In this 6-week journey, we are going to dive deep to transform your life, deep self-love, and power and healing so profound that it changes your soul and awakens dormant magic within you based on self-love and divine connection to your heart, truth, and inner power. 

We will open your heart from mind, body, and soul to discover, surrender, transform, and liberate your life from the inside out.

It is a magical and uplifting experience that includes body love code activation, toxic cord cut, vibration sensual re connection, intention setting, releasing cosmic karma in a safe and sacred container. 

This somatic experience in this heart-opening experience session reconnects you to your body's wisdom. It allows you to listen and feel intuitively with your body. There will be a balance of the energies in the body, and you will be able to expand your heart, find a connection to your highest self, your power and spirit, wisdom, and truth. It allows you to release and receive messages or guidance. It allow you to move forward with clarity and free you from your cosmic karma.

It is a heart-opening and healing journey of oneness, love, and ecstasy.


Heart Connected Vibration


Before the session, I was feeling lost at times. I had some doubts over specific past life experiences, which had affected my characters unconsciously. I was timid, living my life in my comfort zone. Also, with low self-esteem, and I always thought that I was not good enough.

The program was an eye-opener for me. I discovered many new possibilities in me. Also, I was able to see things from a different perspective. It was a fantastic experience for me. I was always in a happy state and saw things with a grateful mind during this program. Now I can see things with a clearer mind, positively analyze things, and often think from a different point of view. I am happier now.

I feel closer to myself in the sense that I start to put myself as the priority in everything I do. I respect myself, and I love myself for who I am. I feel more aligned or balanced now with myself, my soul, and my spiritual connection.

Pei Ying is like a “Life Mentor” to me. She always gives me the sense of security, the trust, and the love I need to be myself in the whole process. I feel safe and love sharing my 100% in the cacao session, enabling me to gain the most.

The essence of Peiying is pure love. Unconditional love brings us the key to happiness in our hearts.

I would also like to thank Pei Ying for all the love given to me and all you have done for me. Thank you!


I was at a point in my life where it felt like I didn’t take any steps forward, even while I was working hard for my dreams. It was as if there was no guidance anymore and realizing that my dreams were not meant for me. During the program, I felt Sacred and Holy

Working with Pei Ying and Mother Cacao felt like I was coming home to my roots. I traveled to another dimension and felt that the guidance I needed never left. It was me who wanted to control as I was holding onto things from the past and looking for my next step while all I had to do was to stand still and listen to my heart. I felt calmer, and more connected with the universal flow in making my dreams come true.


While working on my creation, I lost my trust and inner stillness. Now I feel lighter, in tune with my guidance and deeply connected with my surroundings. 


Working with Pei Ying was amazing. Pei Ying is love, pure love. She held a space where I could truly be myself, a.My favorite part was the ritual that brought  me into a space of pure connection and surrender.

Being in Peiying’s  presence  makes you open your heart. This energy is very grounding, connective and loving. 

I want to thank Pei Ying for bringing Mother Cacao into my heart, and how fortunate I am to experience her healing in my journey.

" From losing my trust and inner stillness to deeply connected with myself into a space of pure connection and surrender. I felt Sacred and Holy in making my dreams come true."

- Kelsey

"I felt safe to speak my truth - struggling with many commitments, on top of being pregnant, I didn't know what to do. Peiying helped me with my guilt and I feel better about enjoying life and moving forward in my business and life."

- Lucy Jane

"I felt safe to speak my truth - struggling with many commitments, on top of being pregnant, I didn't know what to do. Peiying helped me with my guilt and I feel better about enjoying life and moving forward in my business and life."

- Lucy Jane

''I felt a deep connection with my higher self and I feel nothing can harm me and I am safe under Peiying's guidance.

Peiying  brings me to a higher state without this resistance and it is amazing. It's so unique that I definitely i would love to experience

it over and over again. Thank you so much, peiying

- Gabriela -


Uncover Your Inner Magic and Shine Bright!

Have you ever found yourself tirelessly striving for improvement, yet still feeling like something is missing?

That elusive missing link might just be the key you've been searching for, and guess what? It's not out there—it's within you.

Listen closely, because you already possess all the tools you need.

You are more than enough, and the secret isn't in doing more; it's in embracing the power of doing less and receiving more.

Imagine opening yourself up to the incredible wellspring of feminine energy—a force that can love, heal, and rejuvenate your soul, effortlessly replacing unnecessary struggle with a graceful flow of allowing, receiving, and expanding.

But here's the exciting part: I'm not just any coach; I'm your guide, your space holder, your confidante. I'm a mother, a wife, a mama cacao, a life alchemist—a woman who truly comprehends the challenges you face as you strive to balance the demands of business ownership with the responsibilities of family life. And let me tell you, you can have it all.

What sets me apart? I've been professionally trained by not just one, but two of the Top Certified Image Masters in the world. But my journey didn't stop there. As an Image consultant, I've learned that true strength and power emanate from within. Your appearance is a reflection of your inner self, and that's where the real transformation begins.

Picture this: By awakening the boundless energy of your soul and embracing your inner goddess, you'll start to feel an exhilarating vibrancy—an illuminated state of being ready to radiate your own unique light.

I've been called to a profound purpose: guiding women like you to unearth their long-lost, hidden gifts that bring immeasurable joy and pleasure. It's my belief that everything you seek resides within you, waiting to be tapped into.

Drawing from invaluable experiences in the airline service industry and as the owner of a holistic healthcare company, I possess a remarkable ability to see the best in others from the inside out. My specialization lies in nurturing the vibrant mama Goddess within you. Together, we'll shatter those old, toxic patterns that have held you back, replacing them with a sense of empowerment that banishes negativity and doubt.

Imagine embarking on a transformative journey—one that's all about falling in love with yourself, releasing the ties that no longer serve you, and unleashing your radiant, authentic self. It's a journey that will enable you to not only shine but also soar in your own unique brilliance.

Dear Goddess, the world eagerly awaits your luminous presence. The time to embrace your inner magic is now.

Let's embark on this journey together, unlocking your true potential and claiming the vibrant, powerful life you deserve.

Are you ready to shine? Your moment is here.

Goddess. The world is waiting for you!


Pei Ying

About your host: Pei Ying

Peiying is a multi-certified professional who passionately shares the enchantment of cacao and sound healing within communities. As a certified sound medicine practitioner, she fosters awareness and growth in personal and collective well-being through sound healing. Additionally, she holds certification as a spinal energetic practitioner, adding another layer to her holistic approach.

A dedicated mother of two—a son and a daughter—Peiying boasts a decade of experience running a thriving chiropractic business with her husband in Singapore. Their center focuses on holistic healing, leveraging the body's natural ability to heal itself. She's not just a healer; she's an advocate for creating deep sacred spaces that allow her clients to tap into a profound state of being.

Peiying's journey also includes a rich background as a certified Image Consultant, endorsed by the renowned Image Consultant International and accredited by the Academy of Image Mastery and London Image Institute—two prominent names in the industry. She has held pivotal roles within the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), Singapore Chapter, highlighting her commitment to excellence.

But that's not all—Peiying holds a trove of certifications in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy, Certified Hypnotherapy, and Business NLP (specializing in Woman Empowerment). These certifications underscore her prowess in enhancing communication, behavior, and personal growth.
Peiying is a certified ACSTH Coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF), demonstrating her adherence to ICF's rigorous standards. Her credentials expand further with a certification in (ACTA) The Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment, showcasing her ability to impart crucial training skills across diverse industries.

Educationally, Peiying holds a Bachelor's Degree in Biology (Hons), and her substantial experience in both the airline service industry and as the owner of a holistic healthcare company grants her a unique perspective, enabling her to truly perceive the essence of individuals from their core.

Peiying is a true embodiment of holistic healing and personal empowerment, uniting her diverse certifications and experiences to uplift and nurture those she encounters.




WEEK 1 : Open Sacred Space

Dive into sacred immersion space and explore causes that hinder you from having a playful and deep connection with your sensual being and purpose. You will learn how to prepare and hold space to allow the magic to flow through you.

This is where trapped past pain and emotions, fear surface, and deep support are needed in your ascension journey.



WEEK 2: Integrate the Shadow

This week we will work with our unconscious shadow side. You will be looking into feminine shadows in depth. Owning our shadow side that sabotages our lives from functioning well, so that it no longer needs to run the show! Shift your perspective to a lens of personal power and safety around shadows from the past.


WEEK 3: Sacred Power Reconnection

Shift out of your past’s expectations, resentment, and pain to deeply connect with yourself with more soul and sacred power through the gate between life and death. Learn how to identify and release stagnant energy in your body through sacred breath.


WEEK 4: Sacred Sound Recalibration

The shift from feeling frazzled and frustrated with yourself and the people around you into an inner space of deep joy, peace, and happiness that will keep you smiling throughout the day.Sacred sound vibration to release and harmonize the mind, body, and spirit on a cellular level to light up your mind, body, and spirit with rejuvenating joy. A vibration shifts around the shadow that surfaces in the beginning of your journey.


Week 5: Embody Richness

Do you truly believe abundance is your birthright? We are going to question and investigate your beliefs around abundance and richness. Allow you to break the belief that does not serve you and create a new, juicy, rich identity in relation to deserving, receiving and wealth


Week 6: Goddess Embodiment

You are now holding the key to creating a dream life that you have been dreaming of. You are going to journey on a life that aligns with who you are, honoring your precious life with your inner wisdom, why you are here, and lead a juicy, peaceful, joyful life in this lifetime.

Words from Client

Meet Pei Ying

I know how helpless it feels when you hit the rock bottom. Vulnerable. Lost. Empty.

It feels like you don’t know who you are or if anything good could ever come out of you.

You don’t know why but you feel a knotted heaviness inside you…

Your emotional numbness starts affecting your surroundings and causes you to disengage from relationships.

Your relationship with your spouse feels like a ticking bomb that can tip off anytime. Your relationship with your kids feels like squeezing all your energy that...

…you feel trapped.

Albeit you love them deeply yet, you feel trapped!

You badly want to do something – you want to live life fulfilling your passion and desires,

But you neither feel the courage nor the energy to step forward.

And then,

When you finally decide to take a step forward – by getting back to work…


The dark force inside you feels relentless – that always keeps something missing from you.

You can’t recall the last time when you felt the true happiness within you.

Your body feels tired…

Your mind, torn.

Your energy, drained.

But you’ve to keep smiling for the world – for the people you love.

Does any of this sound familiar to you – even the slightest?

If so, trust me…

I can hear all your words.

I can validate your feelings.


Yes! I’ve gone through this turmoil.

For a very long time, I thought this was the way to live.

Nothing seems like it is aligning in my favour.

Until one day, a firm voice inside me gave me a little nudge and said “Find your true self” or “Don’t get swept away” or “quit messing with yourself”.

And that’s when I decided “I’ve had ENOUGH.”

Enough of feeling being worthless. perplexed. paralyzed...

I knew I’ve to break free from the trap by decluttering my mind and I’ve to find my way out.

And that’s when I got a ray of shine that gave me a direction towards a life with clarity.

I unlocked my healing codes to shift my old patterns of pain, fears, and instability to tranquility and pleasure. I opened my heart to divine love and to feel all the goodness in life.

I allowed myself to rest when needed and take my personal space to enjoy just being me.

And this inner healing instantly changed my perspective towards life.

I now fully enjoy my time with my kids, nourish my heart, and reclaim my power to create a life and lifestyle that lightens me up and gives me the space and time to do the things I genuinely love.

And you can do it too!


There’s always light at the end of the tunnel and if you’re willing to see that light, I’m here to hold your hand and take you there with me.

I’m here to activate the healing love codes for you.

I’m here to help you say “YES” to yourself.

I’m here to witness the divine within you because I believe that only you’ve got the power to heal yourself!

After joining this 6-week heart-healing goddess program, you will be a heart-connected goddess with peace inside you.

I will help you reclaim all the goodness in life.

You’ll enjoy this transformation and having a purpose every day because when you – as a mother – will feel contented, everyone around you will benefit from it – your spouse, your kids, your parents, everyone!

And most importantly,

You will be proud of who you are — feeling a sense of wholeness with clarity and purpose.

Happiness, joy, beauty, and harmony will not just flow inside you but will radiate your life.

So that, in the end, you can proudly say “I’ve lived a contented life that brings me no regrets!



Expand the heart, connect with higher-self, align your clarity, and knowing!

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Singapore 199591

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